Dana 300 Replace-A-Case 

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STaK 4x4 presents the new D300 Replacement case housing for the Dana 300 Transfer case.  This case lets you turn a Dana 300 into a driver-side drop transfer case without turning it upside down.  While built Primarily for jeep TJ’s, YJ’s, and XJ’s as a replacement for the stock NP231, this case is suitable for any application requiring a driver-side drop case with the proven Dana 300 strength and simplicity. 

We can also build this case in a passenger side drop for the person who wants to improve on their current D300 case strength.  We offer a comprehensive line of adapters to mate to virtually all GM, Ford, and Daimler Chrysler transmissions. 

We fully CNC machine the entire case inside  and out to ensure the highest quality product. We have added several clocking positions to the face of the case for a wider range of applications.  Different Input splines  (10, 21, 27, 29 ,31, 32) are available as well.   This case is ideally suited to budget minded consumers who do not want to spend thousands of dollars for a transfer case that is overkill for their application.  This also allows the user to build a heavy duty transfer case in segments to fit their individual requirements or budget constraints. The replace-a-case also accommodates the factory TJ  and YJ speedometer sending units as well.  An optional factory 4wd light can also be ordered.

Our case Lengthens the driveshaft approximately 9.500 Inches compared to a stock NP231, while providing a reliable, strong, all gear driven transfer case.  No weak chains or RPM limiting planetary units to contend with.


All you need to have is a quality, second-hand 1981-1986 Dana 300 as a core for the front input shaft and housing, the rear output shaft and housing, bearings and hardware.  We recommend a bearing rebuild kit at the time of assembly to ensure a long and trouble free transfer case life.  We have this kit available for a nominal charge.  We have aftermarket heavy duty output shafts available for this case as well.  We can supply everything you need for the do it yourself mechanic.




Direct Replacement for the following  applications in either left or right side front output:

  • Dana 300
  • NP231
  • NP241
  • Atlas II**


Optional Accessories:


  • Heavy Duty 32 Spline Front Output Shaft
  • Heavy Duty Short Rear Output shaft
  • Electronic VSS unit
  • Clocking Ring
  • Twin Stick Shifter Assembly
  • Bearing Rebuild Kit
  • 4WD Light
  • TJ Shifters