D300 2 Speed Transfer Case

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D300 2 Speed Transfer Case


What’s included in our price:





How the D300 Transfer Case is built



The D300 Transfer Case housing is manufactured from cast 356 alloy aluminum and hardened to a T6 condition.  We fully CNC machine the entire profile and bearing locations ensuring all tight tolerances are maintained.  Our Housing utilizes an extremely thick wall to guarantee that case deflection under heavy acceleration is not an issue.


LoMax Gear Set

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 Gear Comparison

Gear Selection


The D300 Transfer Case is currently only available with the  4:1 LoMax Gear Ratio.



Like our gears, the shafts of the D300 are manufactured from ASTM Alloy 8620 and heat treated to Rockwell “C” 58-60.   We produce our output shafts in the Heavy Duty 32 spline configuration.  This allows you a wide range of yoke options to fit your individual needs.



Yokes and Flanges

Because we use 32 splines on our output shafts, a large number of yoke and flange options are available to the consumer.  We offer the following:

  • 1310 Non-CV      
  • 1310 CV
  • 1350 Non-CV
  • 1410 Non CV 
  • 1350 CV Flange



Our shafts will also accommodate most 32 spline yokes and flanges from the aftermarket 4x4 industry.



We use in excess of 50 3/8-16 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws in our assembly to guarantee a long and durable life.




Our Transfer Case has multiple clocking options, this allows the consumer to “fine tune” the installation for their particular needs.



We offer two different shifter configurations.  The first is our “Universal Shifter”. It consists of two levers, horizontal to the front of the transfer case.  The consumer may pivot, shorten, and modify as necessary to fit their individual application.  The second option is our “TJ” Style shifter.  This shifter is designed to fit through the factory hole in a Jeep TJ.  Because of the innumerable variables in vehicles such as transmissions, long arm suspension systems, flat skid plates, Etc., slight modification to your floor or console may be necessary.


Parking Brake

A rear output parking brake is available as an option on all of our transfer cases.   This kit includes the rotor, caliper, mounting brackets, rear mounting flange, and all necessary mounting hardware.  You will need to supply a handle and cable to complete the installation.  Some driveline modifications may be necessary.  This kit can be retrofitted after the time of purchase as well.


Vehicle Speed Sensor

 Our VSS is a factory Jeep Rubicon sending unit.  It is a direct plug in to 2003-2006 Jeep Wranglers and is easily adapted to the 1997-2002 Wranglers.  If your application utilizes a mechanical drive speedometer, then you will need to replace your factory speedometer with an aftermarket unit like the ones from Auto Meter or Dakota Digital Our VSS sends three pulses per revolution of the rear output shaft.  If you need a different signal or pulse count, there are several aftermarket signal convertors” available.